Monday, April 15, 2013

#25: Never start something you can’t finish.

Life Lesson 25: Never start something you can’t finish.

Just like many life lessons out there, this is just common sense.

Throughout time, there have been many people who just couldn't finish things.

I mean, look at the Leaning Tower of Piza, if someone would have finished it then it wouldn't be leaning.

Look at the Coliseum. It's not a full Coliseum, it's missing parts.

Look at Hitler, he helped start WWII, but he sure didn't finish it.
So did Japan, but you see what happened to them.

Look at Rome, it wasn't built in a day, but they still built it!  Just imagine if they decided to stop, we wouldn't have Rome!
All good things happen because someone decided to finish something that they decided to start.

Basically people, if you want to do something, by all means do it, but if you can't finish it then don't start it.
Always remember, never start something you can't finish.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#24: Always know when to talk to girls about pooping.

Life Lesson 24: Always know when to talk to girls about pooping.

Well, in life there are some things that you can talk to anybody about, some things you can only talk to females about, and some things you can only talk to guys about. There are also some things that make some people uncomfortable and some things that make people grossed out.

A lot of females are easily grossed out by things such as pooping, farting, burping, and barfing.

Even though most girls do these things in life, they are rather grossed out by them.
When a guy talks to a girl about pooping or farting, she will most likely feel uncomfortable or grossed out. Pooping and farting are things you should not talk to a girl about.

But, there are exceptions!

When you first meet a girl you should filter your talk about poop to a girl.
If you know you're going to be in a relationship for a while, then you can talk about it some here and there, but slowly add it in, it is bound to come up in conversations.
As you go on in relationships some women become more comfortable with things such as that in conversations. Whether you want it to or not, things like poop, farting, burping, and barfing will all eventually happen and come up. So, just think yourself before you speak.

Especially if you want to keep a good relationship with a girl, I wouldn't say never talk to girls about pooping, but I would say watch who you talk to it about and when you talk to them about it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

#23: Never ask a girl out or break up over text, phone, voicemail,myspace, Facebook, twitter, or email; thats low and just lame.

Life Lesson 23: Never ask a girl out or break up over text, phone, voicemail, myspace, Facebook, twitter, or email; thats low and just lame.

I am sure that most of us have had girlfriends/boyfriends/significant others while growing up. During childhood or adolescent years, some kids are taken to cotillion and are taught to be prim and proper.

Most kids are also taught proper manners when they grow up. Though most kids are taught proper manners and ways of courtship, some are taught nothing or are taught the wrong way to do things such as these. There are also those who are taught these but forget them whether intentionally or accidentally.

Whether you are taught the right way or the wrong way to do said things, eventually in life you should desire to respect others and be respected by others. In doing this, face-to-face confrontation and being personal with people is very vital in every part of our lives. With social networking and people being overly glued to their cell phones it is even harder for people to be personal or have much face-to-face. People are less likely to act natural when talking to new people or to the opposite sex. Though social networking was designed to help us stay in communication with others and get closer to others, it has caused us to do that but while hiding behind computer screens.

Due to this we need to try to be more personal with people and work on more face-to-face confrontations. If we build relationships with people we see more they will be better relationships. If we avoid face-to-face and choose to talk just on computers or phones then we will not be as confident in our selves. If we want to have respect from others we must communicate with eye contact and not just on phones or computers. If you decide to start a relationship with a future significant other, if you don't do it in person that is pretty low and not cool at all.

So always remember to never ask a girl out or break up over text, phone, voicemail, myspace, Facebook, twitter, or email; thats low and just lame.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

#20: Don't scratch your butt while holding hands.

Life Lesson 20: Don't scratch your butt while holding hands.

Okay, just go ahead and admit it, you scratch your butt on occasions. You might even do it in public; it's something we all do. Our butts itch, it's a part of life. And we all know that when something itches, the only wat to make that better is to scratch it. Scratching almost automatically helps itches fell way better! 

Holding hands is something that is usually rather significant in relationships. When you're in a relationship you tend to hold your significant other's hand a lot, whether your sitting, walking, or whatever you're doing. Holding hands with your significant other is something that helps the two of you feel connected; it's something that helps show everyone else that you two are together and you're in a relationship. It's a way to tell the world, "this person is mine!" 

Although while in holding hands in relationships is a big thing, sometimes there are times when you need to let go of the other person's hand, or things you shouldn't do while holding their hand. A big thing you should not do while holding your significant other's hand is scratch your butt. 

I'm pretty sure that they will find it pretty gross and weird if you decide to scratch your butt while holding their hand. 

A good solution to this is to just let go of their hand for a few moments. I highly doubt it will hurt you to let go for just a minute or two. If your butt really itches, just let go of their hand, scratch it, rid yourself of the itching, and then get back to holding hands. 

No matter how bad the itch may be, don't scratch your butt while holding hands. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

#22: Never dress you kids in matching clothes, they will most likely hate it.

Life Lesson 22: Never dress your kids in matching clothes, they will most likely hate it. 

A thing with parents who have kids that are either twins or are really close in age is this: they will most likely try to dress the kids in matching clothes. 

#21: Never take your purple belt to work, someone might steal it.

Life Lesson 21: Never take your purple belt to work, someone might steal it. 

Though most life lessons have come from real life events some have come from songs, movies, and tv shows. This is one of those that came from a tv show. This one actually came from The Office. It was an episode from Season 2 titled The Fight. 

In the episode Dwight had been taking karate lessons and he brought he purple belt to work. 
Also, if you are familiar with The Office then you know that Jim and Dwight have been playing constant pranks on each other since the beginning. This is part of one of them. 

In the episode this quote happens: 
JimThat's not advice. What advice sounds like is, 'don't ever bring your purple belt to work, because someone might steal it.' [holds up Dwight's purple belt]
Dwight: Okay give that back to me. 
Jim: Say please. 
Dwight: No. That is not a toy. 
Jim: Please? 
Dwight: Please. 
Jim: Good. And it absolutely is a toy. Arigato. 

After watching that episode I felt that it should definitely be applied to a life lesson. I mean, it truly is something you should always keep in mind! I'm pretty sure that if you were to bring your purple belt to work others would either be jealous or would want to play a good prank on you and take it. 

So, always remember to never take your purple belt to work, someone might steal it. 

Also, here is the only video I could find from that scene. 

#19: Don’t burp in a girl’s mouth while making out.

Life Lesson 19: Don't burp in a girl's mouth while making out. 

Like I said in Life Lesson 18, many of these can be rather self explanatory; I guess this is also one of those. 

For some people burping is funny, for some it is gross, for some it may be impressive, and for some it is a sense of accomplishment. No matter what you think about burping, I'm pretty sure that if you kiss someone on a regular basis, I highly doubt you would want to burp in their mouth while you're making out with them or kissing them. 

Just like cuddling, kissing and making out is something that is really special between a couple. So, just like how you shouldn't fart under the covers while cuddling, you shouldn't burp in a girl's mouth while making out with or kissing her. 

I'm pretty positive that a girl would be really grossed out if you were making out and burped in her mouth. So, the only time this should even come close to happening is if it is absolutely accidental. 

So, remember; don't burp in a girl's mouth while making out.